Sended is in
Private BETA

If you would like to join Sended as soon as it becomes public please leave your e-mail address below.

About Sended

Sended is a Patented Single File Content Delivery Network (CDN).

It enables any website and web asset to be accelerated and served via a lightning fast global network.

  • Reduce loading times
  • Serve images faster
  • Accelerate mobile sites
  • Distributed Global Network

Sended is being tested with a small private BETA group. We expect to launch Sended early in 2017.

Sended relies on a patented technology to accelerate websites with ease.

Sended is part of the Outroll Venture Bulding Programme.

Contact Us

You can use contact form below or contact us via e-mail at: We will try to respond in 24 hours.